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9781455521586_custom-30183b19ba09e9a2b632afb76f163c81b3586b40-s6-c30Just Tell Me I Can’t has it all. It is loaded with grit and heart and soul. It is written with sweet smoothness and insight. It is also the best book I have ever read on the psychology of that complex and marvelous creature called the pro athlete.”

–Buzz Bissinger, author of Father’s Day, Three Nights in August and Friday Night Lights

“Allen Iverson’s past has been strip-mined by many. Larry Platt has gone back with a hand shovel and sifter and found what everyone missed.”

— Gary Smith, Sports Illustrated

New Jack Jocks2“Larry Platt’s view of the sports world reads like fiction—but it’s fact! Writers of sitcoms and soap operas could use New Jack Jocks as a source of great content.”

—Pat Croce, part owner and former president, Philadelphia 76ers

“Larry Platt is a rarity among writers — a guy who understands the hip-hop lifestyle of today’s athlete. Platt keeps it real; he explains where others judge.”

—John Lucas, NBA Head Coach

“This is the best basketball book published in some time.”

—Library Journal