Selected Work

Philadelphia Citizen
Media that only chronicles what’s wrong without considering how to fix things is only doing half a job. The Citizen provides context, not just facts, and seeks to fix what ails the city, shine a light on our city’s change agents and demand a new way of thinking from the business-as-usual crowd.

The Havana Challenge: Legal Sailing, from Key West to Cuba
September, 2015

David Feherty: The Golf Channel’s Wild Man
David Feherty is a bipolar recovering alcoholic and former touring golf pro who also happens to be one of the best interviewers on TV.
Men’s Journal, September 2014

Life After The Game
The transition from professional athlete to retiree is often a rocky one, but players are figuring out how to live satisfying lives after the rush of competition and the roar of crowds are gone.
Sports Illustrated, July 2014

Embarrassed by my favorite team: Here’s how we stop buffoonish owners, racist team names and more
In the Donald Sterling and Daniel Snyder era, we need to know if sports teams share our values. Here’s how we do it.
Salon, June 2014

Magic Johnson Builds an Empire
The former Laker great is dragging white businesses into inner cities, fulfilling what he calls his ‘black plan.’
The New York Times, December 2000

The Fast Education of LeBron James
At the ripe age of 20, not only is he the most complete player in the NBA, he is also the one man who can lead the troubled league back to the promised land. So how does LeBron handle the pressure? Well, fart jokes help.
GQ, March 2005

The Reincarnation of Stephen Starr
How did a struggling concert promoter and club owner become Philadelphia’s rajah of dramatic dinning, opening six new restaurants in just five years? And when is he going to start enjoying his phenomenal success?
Philadelphia Magazine, September 2000

Larry Platt For Congress. Not.
Last fall, I was called to serve. I was recruited to run for congress in Pennsylvania’s prized sixth district, the suburbs of Philly. I accepted. I met Bill Clinton. I talked strategy with Steny Hoyer. I hitched myself to a grizzled, street-fighting campaign manager, asked all my friends for money, and came clean on the skeletons in my closet. And then I decided I couldn’t go through with it. Here’s why., October 2008

No Requiem Necessary
Pummeled by Larry Holmes, cheated by managers, hounded by the IRS, Tex Cobb is a man you’d expect to be an embittered old pugilist. But the ex-heavyweight contender knows how to move in only one direction: forward.
GQ, November 1997

Coach McEnroe
The former enfant terrible is out to save U.S. tennis, beat his brother at his own game (again), and maybe this time, cool it with the tantrums.
New York, 2010

Do We Need Another Pain In The Ass?
This guy used to be funny. But ever since he focused his “good old-fashioned Irish anger on Ken Starr, talk show host Bill Maher has seemed more interested in making points than getting laughs.
George, December/January 2001

The Graying of Dr. J
Five years after his last dunk, Julius Erving looks back with pride at his legacy and scoffs at the next generation.
Philadelphia, May 1993

Mr. Platt Goes To Washington
How my father became the best-informed citizen in America and got to tell his congressman what he really thinks.
Philadelphia, July 1997

Playboy Interview: Allen Iverson
A candid conversation with the NBA’s dervish MVP about life in the hood, his tattoo addition, his battles with the press and learning to love Larry Brown.
Playboy, March 2002

When I Knew
Eight iconic men – from actor Robert Duvall to surfer Kelly Slater – describe their path to greatness and the moment they realized the power of their gift.
Men’s Journal, February 2011

“He Takes a Roto-Rooter to Your Ass”
He saved himself from torture in an overseas prison. Now Bob Rosenthal faces a more daunting task – saving the Inquirer from itself.
Philadelphia, June 1996

Fifteen Minutes And Counting
Four years after the O.J. trial, Kato Kaelin’s still struggling to keep his tenuous grasp on fame. The scary thing is, dude’s actually succeeding.
Details, November 1999

Roberts Rules
His wooing of Bil Gates was just the latest. Comcast’s Brian Roberts is becoming one plugged-in guy.
Philadelphia, November 1997

The Healer
Ten years ago, he was tending the wounds of weekend warriors. Now he’s build a business empire. Sure, Pat Croce’s crazy like a fox, but is the new Sixers president in over his head?
Philadelphia, August 1996

Air Today…Gone Tomorrow
Will Michael Jordon win his sixth NBA championship? Will he retire? Will we be able to stand any more of the suspense?
Details, May 1998

Governor Barkley?
As he wraps up one career, the badass of the NBA prepares for another. He’s running for office (“Ain’t no ifs”), with Dan Quayle and Rush Limbaugh as his point guards.
GQ, May 1998

Coach Tom Wants To Be A Player
Tom Osborne is blitzing congressional opponents in Nebraska, where no one seems to care that some of his players were as terrifying off the field as on.
George, October 2000

“Your Friend, He Was A Seeker”
We went into the Amazon in search of our pal, trying to solve the mystery of his death, but even more, the mystery of his life.
Philadelphia, September 1996


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